Web Business Software Website Links

Web Business Software Website Links:  Bizness Inc. has many other hosted sites.  We can set up training sites for you so your personnel run all aspects of the private admin system.  This is good to test out your credit card and PayPal transactions before you go live.  We also set you up with more than 1 database for free so that you have a test and live database.  Click on a link below to find out more about each of the following sites which are running software for demonstration purposes:


  1. Web Auto Blog Posting Lets you control all Blog Posts from 1 web location including auto posting to your FaceBook and Twitter accounts.
  2. International eCommerce (shopping cart software for small and international firms):
  3. Web Invoicing Web Recurring Billing (Collecting one-time and recurring charges on the web):  Web Billing and Invoicing
  4. Web Reporting For Internal and External Users (BizRAS Report Administration System for you and your key clients, getting HTML reports from remote databases up quickly in controlled private login web accounts):
  5. Web Online Donations See Site for Organizations and Ministries:
  6. Services Including Interfaces:

Click on this Contact us link for a demonstration to customize!

Bizness Deployments

Security Of Applications

  1. Session Checking and user screen navigation to stop Hijacking
  2. SSL installations – we can buy the SSL certificates for you at discount prices. No SSL means passwords and username or userid can been seen
  3. Double passwords on special admin systems
  4. Encrypt key information in the databases and set up licensing for each client license purchased from you
  5. Click on this link for more ways we build in Contract Work for Web Security


  1. Analyze all SQL to get subtree costs to minimal to make application scalable
  2. Performance testing. Creating mega databases with SQL scripts to simulate application database growth over a 10-15 year period.
  3. Click on this link for more ways we build in Contract Work for performance and scalability