Web Business Software – Web Auto Blog Posting with Google Translate

Web Auto Blog Posting:  Save time and set up advance posting or even recurring WordPress posts. You can write your blogs, days, weeks or months in advance and even set the days of the week when that post is to launch. You can write a series of posts to launch all automatically on the current day or future days you determine.

Control all posts from 1 web application that you can access anywhere in the world. This Blog Automation Web Application is your solution to save tons of time, control your posts and even refire the same post content a year later to save you retyping. With Google Translate you can check the sites you want to send to and our interface to Google translate will translate your post sent to your non-English sites. You can even post to 1 or multiple posting categories and tags on your WordPress Blog Site.   We have plans that let you you control up to 10 WordPress Blog sites from 1 web location!

Manage Your WordPress Blog Posts from 1 Web Location

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