Contract Work

Contract Work: We can deliver end to end web solutions for you including: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your site to get the best rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Business Consulting (to save you costs), Database Design for performance and scalability, ASP.NET, html, CSS and Javascript Coding with SEO, Testing with Support Ticketing system and Deploying (live on test environment and live in production environment) with backups.

Bizness Inc.’s personnel skills are leading edge on web technology and security!

Bizness Inc.’s personnel can be contracted out for 10-40 hours per week. Here are some of the areas you may need our expertise in:


  • We are experts in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and stay leading edge on the latest tweaks from Google so you get the best rankings possible.
  • SEO built into every screen, naming convention, headers, titles, meta data and more.
  • Specialist in Web Advertising and Social Media Advertising whether is it free advertising, flat rate $19.95/month non PPC (non pay per click) advertising (w e can set up web full page advertising for you on 20+ business directories, 30+ blogs sites for this rate) , or PPC advertising. For social media we also can help you with auto posting to your FaceBook and Twitter accounts from WordPress Blog Sites. Ask about our Auto Blog Posting System that lets you do all your posts from 1 web location sending posts to your WordPress Blog sites and then auto posting to your FaceBook and Twitter account also, all in 1 post click.


Web Code Design
  • Code design for Branding (White Carding) for corporate logos, custom captions at the bottom of pages, font size and colors through CSS. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) built into every screen, naming convention, headers, titles, meta data and more.
  • Resource files can be used for international text but better to store text in DB to update the text in languages on the fly.
  • Validation on all text boxes not only for max length of a field but to stop illegal characters and SQL injections
  • Database transactions in try catch blocks with Commit and Rollback functions to keep data integrity
  • Filter grids by entering text in the find search box. Save the seach text and grid page number in context when user comes back to that screen
  • Preventative maintenance sending email to tech support on try catch block for possible errors in code
  • User tracking system for Ticket Issues, which also allows Code fixes to add code fix, sql script fix and explanation to resolve issue
  • How to resend mail when mail server goes down. Mail servers should be up 100% of the time. If it is up 99.99% it means 1 or 2 emails may have to be resent. We design solution for this
  • Dynamic Help in database in different languages
  • Dynamic Help Topics in database in database in different languages
  • Design session time outs for users to be forced to log in again after X minutes of inactivty (X means configurable)
  • Archiving of records in Web applications to move data into archive tables


  • Session Checking and user screen navigation to stop Hijacking
  • SSL installations for 1 site or wildcards for unlimited subdomains. Get the latest security encryption. No SSL means passwords and username or userid can been seen. We can also help move your SSL Certificate from 1 server to another if you were doing a server upgrade.
  • Extra security screen for users to answer after login if needed
  • Best Place to store User context
  • Security at Logins to check user access (deleted user) as well as corporate access (corporation paid their bills) and block all fraud access
  • Allow user a solution when they forget their passwords or user ids. Extra security question on password resets (for users when they forget passwords) can be turned on and off
  • After 3 unsuccessful attempts at logging in, redirect them to home page or another screen
  • Security setting in UI to force users to change their passwords every x months. Password visibity blocked in UI and scrambled in database
  • Block mouse right click on screens to stop people from viewing the source code
  • Additional security screen after login to ask them a security question or let them store result on home computer to bypass extra security screen
  • Stopping SQL injections. There are 2 major ways hackers to SQL injections and we can help you block those attacks with good coding examples.
  • Double passwords on special admin systems
  • Encrypt key information in the databases and set up licensing for each client license purchased from you
  • Stopping all hacker characters on all text boxes in screens
  • Consulting on Security practises for passwords, email and other systems


Performance & Scalability
  • Analyze all SQL to get subtree costs to minimal to make application scalable
  • Performance testing. Creating mega databases with SQL scripts to simulate application database growth over a 10-15 year period.
  • Enhancing Performance and Scalability through Caching
  • Analyzing database statistics, setting min and max memory usage on SQL Server instances, use of indexes
  • Looking at memory sizing on servers and making use of the memory on the server
  • Understanding the difference in parallelism for CPUs that have more than 1 processor
  • Running a SQL trace for workloads. Get index recommendations on clustered vs not clustered indexes.
  • AJAX ASP.NET refreshing only certain components on the screen
Reporting For All Internet Browsers
  • HTML reports emailable inside the body of the email so no file attachments making it friendly to all virus scanning systems
  • Support for Mobile Devices (such as Windows Mobile devices) allowing them to log on and view reports in their Mobile Units
  • Reporting Services on MS SQL Server
  • Reports are filtered by user login id as well as granting and revoking report access to 1 or group or users


E-Merchant Credit Card Authorization and Back End Systems (ie interfacing to PayPal for one-time payments and recurring billing payments)
  • PayPal Interface for Shopping Cart and E-Commerce Systems
  • PayPal Interface for one time and monthly donations for Donation Management Systems
  • PayPal Interface for one time and Recurring Payments invoice payments for Web Invoicing Applications
  • Back End PayPal Systems to email client users on credit card transactions, update databases, log all PayPal transactions and track PayPal Commissions


Authorize.Net Merchant Credit Card Authorization and Back End Systems (ie interfacing to Authorize.Net for one time payments and Recurring Payments payments)
  • Authorize.Net Interface for one time and Recurring Payments invoice payments for Web Invoicing Applications
  • Back End Authorize.Net Systems to email client users on credit card transactions, update databases, log all Authorize.Net transactions and track Authorize.Net Commissions


Web Database Design and Deployments
  • Database Design, naming standards, views and stored procedures
  • Set indexes for performance and database normalization
  • Importing, Backing Up and Restoring Databases.
  • Deployment standards and debugging tips in live environment


Web Services
  • Web Services to check at log on for valid software licence and ssl certificate to stop code stealing.
  • Web Services to reuse code
  • Keys to Web Service deployments and upgrades