Web Business Software

Web Business Software Products:  Bizness Inc. world class international products  are supported on all browsers world wide.  Here is a list of some of our major products:

    1. BizRAS Auto Blog Posting System allows you to post to all your WordPress blog sites, and auto post to your Twitter and FaceBook accounts with 1 post click. With BizRAS Auto Blog Posting System, you can set up recurring posts and even post for days or months way in advance so you never have to log into WordPress, Twitter or FaceBook to do a post.  For examples of seeing 1 post go to 25 sites click on this link: WordPress Blog Site Background Theme Choices.   Click on this link for more information: Auto Blog Posting
    2. BizSAS (Bizness Sales Administration System) E-Commerce with Internet Sales, Estimates/Quotes and Inventory Management and Walk In Store Sales For Small and Large Businesses.  This product comes in different configurations for the small business just operating in one country to the large corporation that is shipping E-Commerce orders from multiple countries. Click on this link for more information: International eCommerce
    3. Web Invoicing for one-time and recurring billing payments on-line.  No more paper invoices.  No more NSF checks.  No more late payments.  This Web Invoicing product is excellent for collecting recurring payments each period automatically through the eMerchant Gateway using credit card and PayPal payments.  Web Recurring Payments payments are collected automatically whether they occur: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly or yearly.      This product comes in different configurations for small and large businesses. Click on this link for more information: Web Recurring Billing
    4. BizRAS (Bizness Reporting Administration System) Web Decision Support Drill Down Reporting with HTML Reports for Remote Reporting on all Web Browsers and Windows Mobile devices. This product comes in different configurations.  It can be for the large organization that wants to distribute information freely to cut down on their Call Center traffic or it can be for the financial, marketing or engineerin departments to give their clients updated account information to view or print locally from anywhere in the world.  This product can also be used with the Web Invoicing product to charge any size corporations to do Remote Reporting.  Charging can be up to you asking for one-time payments for recurring monthly payments that you collect on line!  Click on this link to for more information: Web Reporting
    5. Online Donation Management with one-time and recurring monthly donations, event registrations/online attendee registrations, budget by country and on-line reports.   This product is not only for domestic organizations but international also.   Event registration saves the head ache of knowing who is coming for what event.  Budgeting can be done by year and by country and can be sent to new donors based on your configuration.   This product comes in different configurations for small to large non-profit organizations especially for ministries and charities. Click on this link for more information: One-Time, Recurring Donations, Budgets and Event Management with online attendee registrations
    6. Integration Services: eMerchant Gateway Interfaces (such as PayPal back office credit card authorization and capture logging) and Accounting Interfaces including IIF for QuickBooks and XML files for External Accounting Systems. Click on this link for more information: End to End (Turn Key) Solutions from Consulting to Design to Deploy Software and Hardware on Secure Fast Web Hosting


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