Who Is Bizness Inc? – Designers of Web Business Software

Web Business Software:  Bizness Inc. is your web software business partner to help you increase sales(E-Commerce), collect one-time and monthly recurring payments to eliminate postage costs and NSF checks (web billing), produce emailable drilldown decision support HTML reports for all browsers including mobile devices, and so many more areas to cut your costs and improve your productivity giving you and your customers access from anywhere in the world!

Bizness Inc was incorporated in 1994. It is the designers of World Class International Software such as BizRAS (E-Commerce Software) and BizRAS( Invoicing and Web Reporting Software).



Bizness Inc white cards all it software (makes it like your own corporate application)  meaning the following benefits to you:

  1. All screens and menu buttons can be your corporate colors.  You also choose the font size of screens at set up time.
  2. Your corporate logo is added to the top of each screen and report
  3. Your corporate caption can be added as a footer to all screens and updated in the Admin system at any time
  4. Help can be customized at any time with your additions since it is stored in the database
  5. System Generated Emails can be customized at any time with your additions since they are stored in the database.