Web Business Software – Web Reporting Features

Web Reporting Features:

Customization User Interface

  1. Your Corporate logo at the top of each page
  2. Your custom caption at the bottom of each page
  3. Your report logo shown at the top of each report with report time and off-set from GMT time.
  4. Your background colors and font sizes
  5. Customize some of the system emails that get sent out
  6. There are some international options also for screen text in different languages

Web Reporting Features:

Your Data Refreshed Nightly or Weekly

  1. Depending on how often your data changes, you can set up the times to refresh your web database.
  2. Attach to databases anywhere in the world as long as you have the database log in information and allow the remote database to be updated.
  3. Web Database is MS SQL Server.  On your location you could have a mix of different database types and you would create a summary database of the key information you want to show the world in a special MS SQL upload database which is an extraction from the other databases you have

Web Reporting Features:

Easy Setup

  1. Workflows for easy setup
  2. No HTML knowledge required
  3. Web-Based Administration
  4. You have the option to bill your clients with the BizRAS Web invoicing to have them pay you monthly for the reporting service you provide for them through the BizRAS Reporting System.

Web Reporting Features:

Report Filtering

  1. Date filters can move with the current date.  For example:  Show me records from x time back to today or forward to today
  2. Character filters can show exact string matches or LIKE string matches
  3. Report Filters can be saved per user per report
  4. Quick easy viewing of report after performing each filter save

Web Reporting Features:

Report Customization

  1. Each Report can be viewed on a saved “Desk Top” version and “Mobile” Version.  Obviously the Mobile Version showns only the essential columns due to screen real estate.
  2. Number of Columns per  report per user can be saved simply by checking the columns you want to see.
  3. Report data order and column order can be set per report per user.
  4. Report formulats like COUNT, AVERAGE and SUM can be set per report per user given the report has some numeric fields to do an AVERAGE or SUM calculate on.
  5. Report can have grouping
  6. Reports can have different format configurations as well as the option to turn on and off the date at report header.
  7.  Report can be saved as a REPORT FAVORITE for 1 click easy viewing of saved FILTERS and saved BUILD CUSTOMIZATIONS.
  8. Reports do not have to be filtered or customized at all however these features are for the advanced report user.

Web Reporting Features:

HTML Drilldown Emailable Reports

  1. Html reports are supported on internet browsers world wide
  2. Reports can be Drill down “n” levels deep
  3. Reports can be printed off on local printer
  4. Reports can be filtered, customized for desktops or mobile devices  and emailed with no file attachments.
  5. Reports can be emailed.  Report content emailed inside the body of the email with no file attachments making it user friendly to all virus scanning programs that like to scrub off many email attachments.

Web Reporting Features:

Bill Your Clients

Payment Options With Web Invoicing Module for only $50/month extra on all plans with PayPal and $150/month with PayPal and Authorize.Net

  1. Accept Credit Cards
  2. Accept PayPal
  3. Trusted world-wide credit card processing
  4. Get paid monthly automatically for the set service monthly amount you charge your client for providing this BizSAS reporting service for them.

Web Reporting Features:

Servers & Hosting 

  1. Hosting plan included in pricing
  2. Microsoft SQL – You have your own database servers
  3. 99.99% network uptime
  4. Network Firewall security

Web Reporting Features:

Privacy, Security, & SSL 

  1. Free SSL Protection (HTTPS)
  2. Password web-based Admin
  3. Login Restrictions
  4. Session checking

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