Web Business Software – Web Recurring Billing

Bizness Inc. BizRAS Web Recurring Billing – Web Invoicing with Recurring Payments includes the following:

  1. Web Invoicing for one-time and billing recurring paymentson-line.  No more paper invoices.  No more NSF checks.  No more late payments.  This Web Invoicing product is excellent for collecting recurring payments each period automatically through the eMerchant Gateway such as credit card and PayPal payments.   Web Recurring Payments are collected automatically whether they occur: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly or yearly.      This product comes in different configurations for small and large businesses.
  2. It gives each client a secure web account to view all invoices, payments and update their payment method. Your clients can pay by PayPal or if you have an Authorize.Net Emerchant account, you can add that module to bill directly with the card on file. Reports are HTML so admin and clients can view their reports in a web browser anywhere from any internet device. No need to download apps to the smartphone or mess with the right Adobe PDF levels when all the reports are HTML and are emailable with the content of the report inside the email with no file attachments. Clients have the ability to pay multiple outstanding invoices in 1 payment.
  3.  It interfaces to PayPal for payment collections so that all invoices are done on the web and customer payments are also done on the web. Your clients can pay you for one-time charges or recurring billing charges. Recurring billing payments will automatically go into your account as billing is done automatically. This product produces standard HTML reports which are supported in web browsers and Windows Mobile Devices/iPhones worldwide without the need for any other web reporting software.  It provides XML or QuickBooks format files when posting to update your QuickBooks Accounting Software or to interface to other External Accounting Systems.
  4. BizRAS Web Invoicing and Recurring Payments Administration system lets you set up your services and then assign clients to a service including adding recurring invoices and one time invoices. Credits are allowed also for discounts and/or products damaged in shipping with a report to show all credits issued. These credits are assigned different accounting accounts so when posting is made to QuickBooks or an external accounting system you can keep track of credits given. Each invoice has a start date, end date, invoice date and transaction date for you to be able to make a decision on what invoices you want to count for your year-end based on the invoice date. For list of currencies supported please contact us as the system also have an option to store the USD equivalent value of the transaction if your organization has a USA home base and needs the USD currency exchange rate at the time of the payment transaction

Sales tax can be turned on or off for each service you set up. You set the sales tax rates if they apply to the service. Sales tax payable is tracked also in the post to QuickBooks or your external accounting system.


It Is Time To Cut Billing Costs!

Do you have paper billing? It is time to collect payments on the web and eliminate your NSF checks and postage costs. Bizness Inc.’s BizRAS Web Invoicing not only collects one-time payments but also recurring billing payments automatically. Think of the cost savings you can gain through a Recurring Payments system that collects from your clients Credit Card or PayPal account automatically on the same day of each month!