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Web Reporting:  Bizness Inc.’s BizRAS (Web Reporting Administration System) is the solution for small and large businesses for remote reporting for internal use or for external use giving the end user HTML reports they can view in any browser or windows mobile device.  No more report writing!  Just pull from the extracted database that can be refreshed nightly with your updated info.


  1.  BizRAS Web Reporting software solution pulls from the data you nightly upload to the secured web host with simple SQL statements and dynamically generates the web report based on the standard report settings or the custom settings the user has saved for that report.
  2. BizRAS Web Reporting is for all organizations.  A large implementation can be set up with only 1 client that gives hundreds or thousands of login ids to their customers.  You the Owner of the Software could be the 1 client giving procurement, marketing, engineering specs or other information on the web to all your customers to cut down on Call Center Calls.  Another implementation is for you, the Owner of this software, to host tons of clients and each of your clients gives out many login ids to their customers to show their clients, their own set data(procurement, marketing, engineering specs or other information) on the web.
  3. Why is BizRAS Web Reporting so superior?  Firstly, all reports can be emailed inside the body of the email so no file attachments meaning user friendly to all virus scanning systems.  Secondly all reports are in html so they are support on Internet Browsers worldwide including Windows Mobile Devices/IPhones  without the need of Adobe.  Thirdly you can have drill down reports (hyperlinked) “n” levels deep.  Fourthly all reports can be printed off on the user’s local printer. Fifthly you can have subtotals and formulas on certain columns. Sixthly you can filter the reports with dynamic dates that change as the current date changes. Seventhly you can assign web reports to your own report user groups where users have to have user ids and passwords (that you control) to see your data.  Eighthly you can customize the report with the columns you want and even change fonts on certain columns to make them stand out.  Ninthly, you can add the invoicing module and receive monthly payments automatically each month through the interface to PayPal for credit card authorization.  Tenthly, you don’t ever have to write a report as the BizRAS Report Engine uses SQL Views.     

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Click on the button below and let us know how we can help!  Tell us what needs you are facing and send us a contact phone number for a free 10 minute consultation.  From that discussion we can recommend your course of action whether you want to do everything yourself or if you need some web application to help in your web reporting getting data trough html reports into the hands of your people or your clients in controlled login accounts filtered by their login ID and the report you grant access to them.