Web Business Software – Web Auto Blog Posting Features

Web Auto Blog Posting:  All 6 Auto Blog Post System plans on this page also on the Auto Blog Posting Sign Up Page come with FREE hosting for your WordPress Blog Site on a DOMAIN you buy or own.

We set up one of the background themes you can view on this link: WordPress Blog Site Background Theme Choices and if you are not satisfied with that there are close to 1400 background themes you install yourself in a matter of minutes.

During the sign up process for a new Auto Blog Post System, you need to enter the internet domain you want us to use for your FREE Blog Site. If you dont have that new internet domain yet, click on this link, enter a new domain your want and see if that domain is available: Domain Availability Look Up

Each Auto Blog Post System Plan on the Auto Blog Posting Sign Up Page  can send up to 18 posts per day to 1 blog site and you can control up to 10 of Your WordPress Blog sites all from this web application.

Your Posts can include WordPress categories and tags as well as hyperlinks in plain text for simple html format.

Each Blog Post has a maximum of 200 characters in the Blog Title Header line and a maximum of 2000 characters in the body of the post which is ample.  If you have a 10,000 character blog post then break it up into 5 separate blog post for 2 great reasons:  1)  Easier to read for your readers and 2) more links you can add to your blog posts for links to the products and services you want to promote.

The same blog post can recur yearly.  You can easily tune and tweak a recurring post or change the post recurring schedule altogether.   Here are some of the features of the BizRAS Auto Blog Posting System:

1)  Control all your blog posts to all your WordPress Blog Sites from 1 web location, your private secure web account which means you can operate it from the internet anywhere in the world.

2)  Your private secure web account also shows you all your billing records and lets you sign up. For the initial sign up you have to do it with your credit card but after the 1st month you can change your monthly payment subscription to your PayPal account by contacting us.  Sign up and your private web account is under controlled SSL so all credit card info and passwords are encrypted for your security and peace of mind.

3)  Using our Google Translate integration you can easily send a post to many of your non-English WordPress blog sites with no extra work.

4)  You can set up base blog post templates if you are a large organization and want consistency in all your blog posts.   When creating a new blog post you can choose from a saved blog template post if desired.

5)  You can set the post to go out at some date in the future if you are planning a big event that occurs in the future.

6)  You can add more WordPress blog sites as you grow with the system.  The Professional Plan lets you auto post to 10 of your WordPress Blog sites with 1 click.  Contact us if you need the Super Professional Plan which can control up to 30 of your WordPress Blog Sites.  This Super Professional Plan will run on its own dedicated server.

7)  You can add blog categories and blog tags that match to the WordPress Categories you have set up on your Blog Sites.

8)  You can create posts in plain text or simple html.

9)  You can create a post that recurs  yearly and at hours of the day from 3 am to 23 pm your time.  In the configuration screen there is a timezone offset selection so posts go out on the timezone you are in.

10)  The system gives you your username and password for each WordPress blog site for you to customize it on your own for any new background themes, or plugins you want to add.  The configuration screen also gives you your username and password to log into the blog site server to upload (by your own ftp application) images that you want to reference in your blog posts.

Manage Your WordPress WebSite(s) Posts from 1 Web Application

Click on the button below and let us know how we can help!  Tell us what needs you are facing and send us a contact phone number for a free 10 minute consultation.  From that discussion we can recommend your course of action whether you want to do everything yourself or if you need to handle blog posts from 1 web location for your WordPress blog sites.