Web Business Software Services

Web Business Software Services:  Bizness Inc.’s services are top notch since we have indepth knowledge of business systems and internet solutions and strive to know your needs and help your internet vision grow. Our goal is to stay leading edge so you take advantage of the best practices in the industry today, from the latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization), to affordable Web Advertising for great Google rankings, to exciting application development/deployments, to making you fully satisfied with excellent support!

Bizness Inc.’s managers and programmers are highly technical and great communicators. They also are:
  • Specialists in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  We stay leading edge on the latest tweaks from Google so you get the best rankings possible.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) built into every screen, naming convention, headers, titles, meta data and more.
  • Specialists in inexpensive Web Advertising and Social Media Advertising whether is it free advertising for your site(s) or web full page advertising for you on 20+ business directories, 30+ blogs sites or social media advertising with auto posting to your FaceBook and Twitter accounts, we help you get your message out to the World and to the right audience.
  • Specialists in Web Design, Needs Definition, SEO, ASP.NET, CSS, Html, Javascript Programming, Testing With Build In Ticket Systems
  • Specialists in E-Commerce Systems (see our own BizSAS “Bizness Inc’s Sales Administration System) to put your product and images on the web to increase markets you sell to and to boost sales
  • Specialists in Online Donation Management Systems (see our own BizSAS- Donation Management “Bizness Inc’s Budget, Donation Management and Event System) to allow charitable organizations to track donations on the web giving donors an online donation report that they can print off at any time.  Budgets per year and per country are allowed as well as planning internal or external events for the public to view and register for
  • Specialists in Web Recurring Payments /  Invoicing (see our own BizRAS “Bizness Inc’s Web Invoicing and Recurring Billing Administration System) to collect your invoice payments immediately through the PayPal International E-Merchant Gateway.  You even can set up automatic Recurring Payments and have your clients on PayPal or Authorize.Net Recurring Payments subscriptions so the money automatically goes into your account each period for the Recurring Payments services you provide.
  • Specialists in Web Services to provided services by a web engine that other web sites can call to centralize web engines or core pieces of web code
  • Specialists in Database application design, and testing SQL for scalability for database performance
  • Specialists in Security from SSL, to custom password encryption, to web application session security, to config.sys security, to database security
  • Specialists in interfacing to QuickBooks Accounting Software as all our major systems provide both XML and QuickBooks formatted files when POSTING
  • Strong project management and communication skills to get the job done on time and on budget