Web Business Software – Web Reporting Benefits

Bizness Inc. BizRAS Web Reporting includes the following:

Bizness Inc.’s BizRAS Web Remote Reporting System is the Reporting System that gives each of your clients a login id to see the information they need in decision support emailable drill down HTML reports which have data that is refreshed from your uploaded data at whatever refresh interval you set!


Mobile Web Reporting

Web Reporting Benefits:  The BIzRAS Reporting System produces HTML reports so no need for any other report software (i.e. no need for Adobe). All reports can be configured in Desk top mode or Mobile mode as you check the columns you want to see. This lets you cut down the number of columns in a report to only the essential columns since screen real estate on a Mobile device is limited.

Drill Down Web Reports

Web Reporting Benefits: Web Reports you create can be drill down to “n” levels as you enter in what columns will hyperlinked from the parent report to the child report. Reports are from SQL Views so they pull data right from your database.

Emailable Reports

Web Reporting Benefits:   All reports have an “Email Me This” button. If you click on the “Email Me This” button on the web report, you can get the exact same web report INSIDE the email with NO FILE ATTACHMENTS. This is beneficial so you wont have any attachments with your email that can be scrubbed off by someone’s virus scanning system.

Reporting Service

Web Reporting Benefits:  The BizRAS Reporting System comes in different configurations for you to provide it free to your large customers, or you can provide a reporting service to other customers. Smaller customers that do not have the skills to write reports quickly can come to you and you can charge them some fee per report (say $500 one time fee and $90/month recurring billing) that you put up on the web for them in a controlled login environment for their customers. Their customers would have their own private login internet account to see reports that they need to do business faster.

Remote Web Reporting

Web Reporting Benefits: If you know the database login information for a remote database, you can start writing reports against it immediately with SQL Views that pull data from the database right into your report.

Client Web Account

Web Reporting Benefits: Clients are constantly calling call centers or calling billing centers for information. In today’s web world they get frustrated with paper mail outs that have data they really wanted to see weeks ago. So it is time to give them their own private web account and only grant them access to the reports you want them to see. The reports are filtered at login time so they only see data that is relevant to them or their firm. Giving them product information, procurement and shipping dates on sales orders, inventory tracking information, billing information, new promotions, etc., can help cut down your calls to your call centers, provide better customer satisfaction and drive business more efficiently.

Alerts/Admin System

Web Reporting Benefits:   Your own private Administration System lets you see all invoices, paid and not paid, all one time billing item costs, all recurring billing service plans and even alerts. Alerts are key indicators of things you should watch for such as actions to take on new report requests or credit cards expiring, etc.

Add Invoice Modules

Web Reporting Benefits:    If you provide this reporting service for your big customers for free then you do not need the invoicing module. If you want to provide a reporting service to clients and their customers then you should add the invoicing module. You could then invoice them for one-time new report design/implementation charges (report set up) and a recurring billing charge (say $90/month). Recurring Billing is included in the invoicing module so customers pay you automatically on the same day each month through PayPal or (World Wide Accredited Credit Card Authorization Systems). This BizRAS Reporting and Recurring Billing System interfaces with PayPal for credit card authorizations and lets clients pay from their PayPal accounts if they have one. BizRAS also interfaces with QuickBooks, creating posting IIF files. (Also creates XML posting files for non QuickBooks accounting systems.)

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