Web Business Software – International eCommerce Benefits

International eCommerce: There are so many benefits of this BizSAS International eCommerce System as you see below. Reach new markets. Increase your sales. Small businesses or home businesses can use the In-Store sales feature to sell in your store or home for walk in clients which zeros out the shipping charges saving you more money since you don’t need to buy a card swipe device Sales Estimator account for custom sales. It has interfaces to PayPal and QuickBooks! It is a full feature rich E-Commerce System that is easy to use and is for small or large firms.

Bizness Inc. BizSAS International eCommerce Shopping Cart Software includes the following:


Reach New Markets

If you are not using an eCommerce System it is time to seriously consider it even if you have a store front operation as BizSAS comes with an IN-Store Password feature to zero out shipping costs.  Placing your product images on the web means opening up the world to purchase your goods and services.  More and more people are purchasing on the internet every year as they are tired of line ups and traffic jams and can often get the product cheaper through you having it shipping to their door.

Repeat Customers

International eCommerce: The first time a customer buys from you on this BizSAS International eCommerce system they are given a free internet secured account to view their purchase and to make more purchases in the future.  Resellers, non-profit, government and other organizations that don’t pay sales tax can easily be configured to not pay any sales tax on all their future purchases from you.

In-Store eCommerce

International eCommerce: Use special IN-STORE password feature to zero out shipping costs for sales made in stores.  If your credit card swipe machine breaks down or if you have low-volume of store sales, just use this system as your credit card authorization system.

Track Inventory

International eCommerce: As each sale is made, inventory is depleted (by shipping location meaning you can track this by country).  You can set the re-order levels as to when to order more inventory.  You can also set a cost per inventory item to do a cost to sales analysis.  Global pricing can be performed at a National level to increase or decrease all products by X percent.  You can turn the status of products from inactive to active as you bring then online and then later back to inactive if you decide to not show a certain product to the world.

Automatic Shipping Calculations

International eCommerce: In the full-featured Private Admin System, you set what couriers the customer can choose, you set the cost per courier to ship from destination A to B and you set the weight of each product.  During the order process, the shipping is auto-calculated for you based on total weight and courier and destination.  You can set free shipping above X amounts for shipping within one country.

Post to QuickBooks

There are 3 levels of posting:  State or Provincial sales tax (PST/HST) posting, government level (GST or VAT) posting, and sales transaction posting.  These postings are done at intervals you set up and create a QuickBooks IIF file that you can import into your QuickBooks Accounting System.  The BizSAS eCommerce System can produce XML file exports for those that need to interface to non-QuickBooks Accounting Systems


Alterts/Admin System

International eCommerce: Has your own private Administration System lets you see all products, pricing, coupons, quantity discounts, sales, inventory…, and even alerts.  Alerts are key indicators of things you should watch for such as actions to take on sales order that need to be built, transactions that need to be posted, etc.

Great Reporting

International eCommerce: The clients private International eCommerce account has a report for each purchase they made as well as a Report on all products for sale.  The Private Admin System has over 15 reports to look at everything you need.    All Reports can be printed locally. The BizSAS International eCommerce System creates drill down dynamic web decision support reports that are printable from the users local printer with NO NEED for more Web Report Software since reports are standard HTML. If you click on the “Email Me This” button on the web report, you can get the exact same web report INSIDE the email with NO FILE ATTACHMENTS. This is beneficial so you wont have any attachments with your email that can be scrubbed off by someone’s virus scanning system.

How Can We Help?

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