Web Business Consulting

Bizness Inc. does Web Business Consulting on the following topics:

Starting A Business

Web Business Consulting: Learn 10 easy tips when setting up a new business. Learn about designing new websites that work on all platforms and have a backend interface for you to update the text or add new pages. Learn about your niche market and how competitive it is. Learn about 800 numbers, web advertising, accounting systems, eCommerce systems, web recurring billing systems, GoToMeeting​ webinar tools and ShareFile tools to share your files in a secure way on the web with encryption and backups.

Web Security

Web Business Consulting: Learn about web application firewalls as well as website protection plans. The advanced plans can let you block IPs and countries. This could save you tons of money on your Google Ad Words Campaign. Learn how to block DDOS attacks.

Web Application & Design of Databases

Web Business Consulting: Learn about standard web applications like eCommerce(shopping card systems) and recurring payment web invoices systems to bill your clients. Learn about custom web applications for certain reports you need or login secure applications to deliver data to your internal personnel as well as new time saving apps to your clients and p

SEO & Web Advertizing

Web Business Consulting: Learn how to increase your exposure on the web with Pay Per Click and Non Pay Per Click methods of web advertising. Get Google stats on your market niche key words for Search Engine Results and get Google search volumes and keywords that relate to your website and your niche market. Track your website statistics with Google Analytics. Leearn how to block IPs from hacking at your Google Ad Words Campaign. Learn how to get your custom web full page ad in over 20 web directories and over 30 blog sites only spending $160/year with unlimited clicks!

We Can Help

Bizness Inc can offer you business consulting in segments of 4 hours to a week to get your business processes designed for efficiency.